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Rank Tracker is a great SEO tool to track the progress of your rakeback site. You enter all of the keywords that you are targeting and Rank Tracker will tell you exactly how you rank for those keywords over 700+ of search engines. The software costs $99.75.

Along with knowing exactly where your website ranks, Rank Tracker also keeps track of historical data for your site. This allows you to make changes to your pages and check back to see how these changes affect your rankings. Trial and error is a great way to improve your search ranking across multiple search terms.

Rank Tracker
also has a build in keyword efficiency tool that will tell you the number of searches for each term, the competition for that term, and how efficient that term is to target. The software also features a very useful keyword suggest tool based on the keywords that you are currently using.

Another great feature is the ability to not only use proxies, but to search for free public proxies to use. You can then cut and paste these proxies into your other software like Bookmarking Demon and Blog Comment Demon.

There are complete instructions on how I use Rank Tracker in the “Rakeback SEO Blueprint” section of the website.

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